Supporting You Along The Way

Healing Rivers Physiotherapy is dedicated to the well-being of patients, with a special focus on lymphedema management, cancer rehabilitation and pain management. Sonja Redden, with over 20 years of experience, deeply cares about her patients and is passionate about her work.

Lymphedema Management

Are you experiencing swelling in your limbs or body? Are you undergoing lymph node removal or radiation? Lymphedema can be a very unpleasant condition and lead to swelling in the body. Lymphedema can be well managed, especially when diagnosed early.

Cancer Rehabilitation

Tiredness, weakness, aches and pains, and difficulty performing daily tasks are common side effects to cancer treatment. Through physiotherapy, we help you improve your range of motion, strength and endurance, allowing you to get moving again.

Pain Management

Chronic pain can result from an injury, or any number of things. If you have suffered from pain for a considerable amount of time, there is relief — we help you find strategies to manage and reduce your pain.

PGAP helps those people with certain risk factors who are suffering from disability because of inujury or illness. This program is the first of it's kind to help people at risk of long term disability to resume activites, increase quality of life and ease return to work. Click here for more information.